esposadexavi-deactivated2013092 asked: "i'm just gonna wait till you finish reflection. i can't read bits because i get too hungry for the next xD why are you such an awesome writer? i try to read other people's fanfics but i'm always disappointed because they're not as good as yours. and i love how you have more of a story than all the sexytime :p"

Awww thank you so much! This is such a sweet message! 

ugh I cannot write sexytime I’m just terrible at it. Every time I try, I start laughing like crazy and turning red and it’s just awful. So I usually just skip over it, even though I know that must be disappointing. Maybe I’ll try and get someone else to write a scene for me. 

But anyway, sometimes I read really good fanfiction and it’s just based around the sexytime and it’s annoying. Like even if it’s well written. I like reading good fanfiction where you can understand why two people would fall in love.

But thank you so, so much! really appreciate the message and I’ll try and finish it quickly then :) 

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